El proyecto educativo



La Travesía was born as an educational space focused on learning, trying to improve the prevailing educational model by introducing educational innovations from various areas and disciplines, from the philosophical to the organizational point of view, through the pedagogical, psychological, artistic, scientific, technological or business. Our vision transcends the traditional school and becomes an environment, a place where children and adults coexist learning, discovering, giving free rein to the scientific method and art, encouraging habits and autonomy that will make them independent and free people.


Learning is an innate ability that can fortunately be cultivated and encouraged. A gift that we must not lose under educational approaches that have not evolved what is desirable. Uniting the best of current educational schemes with pedagogical innovations and advances is what will allow us to strengthen and encourage the sense of learning essential for a full and rich life.

  • Our ongoing goal: to combine the best of today’s school with new trends and educational innovations. Everything from a scientific and reasoned foundation, and with the enthusiasm and joy of an educational project.
  • Creating a dynamic learning environment, capable of accommodating new or proven pedagogical methods, and an organization that extracts the maximum imagination, effort, and love for learning from all the members of La Travesía, is another of our great pillars.